Sunday, 15 April 2012

Light the way...

Hello friends,

Hope you are all well and in great spirits? This blog post is to share something  I made has made me really happy cos I never thought I could make something so delicate!

It is sitting on a side table and I keep stealing glances to check its there and that I managed to make it! Here it is,my pride and joy.....please ,please , please say a few words to encourage me and egg me on to bigger and better do all know the power of the written word!

I have big plans which  shall be revealed soon, and your words of encouragement will really be the goes! 

Heres hoping this shade is well loved.

Warm hugs,

Monday, 26 March 2012

A sparkly scarf for" My Jane"

Hello beautiful people,

As I start this post, I can see lovely blue skies from my window and feel the advent of spring...its wonderful isnt it? How is it where you are today?

Sunny skies and lotsa flowers and happiness.....all these epitomise my friend Jane....who has a birthday this month. My lil girl has been calling Jane by the epithet "my Jane" since the age of two..and the name has stuck!! I made this sparkly sequiny scarf  for Jane as its so Her!!

I hope she has a wonderful birthday and a year full of happiness. I belong to India and have been in the UK for over 15 years and Jane has been a part of my life for a large chunk of this time...she is such a comfort to me , she makes me feel at home here too!! Heres to our friendship!

Thank you so much,Jane.

I chanced upon this simple stitch and started the scarf, I really enjoyed making it . The stitch pattern is called the crossed trebles(half double crochet in US terms). Really easy to do! Here is the pattern.

Make an odd number of chains,this is important.
 yrh   stands for yarn around hook

Row 1-- yrh ,insert hook in 3rd chain from hook,yrh and draw a loop through
Yrh, insert hook in next stitch, yrh and draw aloop through, yrh and draw through all 5 loops on hook( this completes the first crossed half treble (hdc).    Chain 1, *(yrh, insert hook in next chain,yrh and draw a loop through ) twice, yrh and and draw through all 5 loops on hook to complete next crossed half treble.,chain1, repeat from * to last chain, turn.

Row2-_  chain 2 , yrh , insert hook in first chain space, yrh and draw a loop through,  yrh and draw through all 5 loops on hook , chain 1,  *yrh,  insert hook in same chain space as 2nd arm of last crossed half treble, yrh and draw aloop through,  yrh insert hook in next chain space , yrh and draw a loop through,  yrh and draw through all 5 loops on hook chain 1,  repeat from * to end( taking care to work 2nd arm of last crossed treble in chain space formed by turning chain.), 1 half treble in 2nd of chain 2., turn.

Repeat row 2 for the desired length.

I love this stitch for the texture it produces, the sequins are randomly scattered in the pattern which I think adds to the charm.

I hope the scarf is loved by the compliment for any crocheter and friend of course!!
Please do let me know if pattern is unclear, the photos are fuzzy ....I will  do my best to clarify!!


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Hooky fingers.....

Hello lovely friends,

Hope this post finds you basking in the sunshine, literally and figuratively? Lovely blue skies here in the UK...and  sunshine essential it is to well being, isnt it?

My hooky fingers have been busy trying to create things that make me sing !! Isnt there something so magical about making something just out of a ball of yarn and a lil hook? I feel really blessed to be able to nurture this ability, dont you?

Amidst all my WIPs,  I upcycled this little drawstring bag , I actually finished it it is!!

Isnt it darling? I have always had a  penchant for dinky bags and this fits the bill  exactly!

This is the rather staid avatar of the bag before it was made held a bag of 
sweeties long demolished...I had stashed this jute bag away thinking that it would be used one so glad I did!!

This is the snowy pile of hexagons which aided heavily in the make over. I finally used up yarn i got ages ago for some other long forgotten purpose!! It is a rather simple pattern and I would be more than happy to do a tutorial. Worry not if you dont  possess said jute bag , as you  could just make the bag in thick yarn or else line the bag if using DK weight yarn!!

One satisfied bunny signing off for now, see you all soon!!

Warm hugs,

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Crocheting the day away.....

Hello lovely  kindred souls,

Hope the suns rays are spreading out to warm you up in your nook? the days are getting longer and brighter which is always a good thing....but I have to say I love all seasons because they are all wonderful in their own way, don't you think?

I kept postponing a blog post so I  could gather lotsa photos...this is happening slowly cos I have been quite busy with numerous WIP's...hence this is a word heavy post!!

I have started the Lego blanket, I need way more squares as it is for my 12 year old its an ongoing project . I try my best to intersperse heavy projects with smaller ones for instant several scarves which are my fave accessory, baby cardi  for a friend, baskets and small purses  .....bracelets...another blankie in the pipeline for which the wool has arrived...and as if that wasnt enough, I have embarked upon a project which involves lace weight yarn and several octagonal motifs to make  a work of art hopefully!! Any  guesses??

I love the yarn , its so soft and cuddly. A year ago,I wouldn't have dared to crochet with yarn so fine simply because of the fact that any project would take much longer  to finish and wear...but  a certain genius of a  Parisian designer has inspired me  to take the plunge!! 

God ,am I besotted with her work !! I know this project is going to take me really long to complete...but whats the hurry? In this world of instant and fast achievements, I think its nice to take your time to create something which would be cherished for a very long time. ( so I say at this point in time!!) But jokes apart, I really want to finish this project....please do encourage me,lovely people!! 

Pictures will appear tomorrow, so please do send me good wishes ,all you crochet geniuses!! 

Will sign off for now, see ya tomorrow!!

Warmest hugs,

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Encounters of the yarny kind!!

Hello my friends,

Trust alls well with you and yours?
I started this blog due to my sons encouragement....and this potent stimulus is working again...I have just changed  the picture on my blog heading,and I feel good!!! The cushion covers featured are made out of African flower hexagons as all of you would know. I made them a while ago after reading Alice's (Crochet with Raymond) blog post about them .I had some perfect yarn in yummy colours, it  was the perfect marriage!!

The case is for my precious Kindle. I used Tunisian crochet to make this . I lined it with felt and I love it especially cos its used so much.


I love Tunisian crochet , its easy and quick and produces a nice thick weave like fabric. I used three colours and I love  the result. I found a really good tutorial on 3 colour Tunisian on Would anyone like a tutorial  case?

As  I type, I can see the snowflakes twirling down and my excited cubs are fully attired for a snowball is after all the first snow fall this year where we live!!

Will pop back in a bit.....some video-ing  required of said snowball fight!!

Ciao for just a little while..


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

What a warm feeling.................

Hello lovely folks,

Hope all of you had a lovely christmas and are into the New year with anticipation and a will to get things done and dreams fulfilled?

I am too...slowly bouncing back after a mysterious allergy and a bad back...feels good to be better in time for the New year.  Though I haven't blogged in a while now, my hooks have been  busy...I am glad to say!!  I am about to embark upon a blankie about inspiration galore on Pinterest!!

I found this and I have. ordered the yarn to make it for my Lego mad son...his 12th birthday is in February...hope I have it finished by then.  Another amazing inspiration is from the autumn blanket by Victoria of{yarn around hook}.fame.

I have to repeat whats oft said about bloggy people and  their generosity in sharing patterns....well,the above two examples confirm it!! They have actually helped to kindle the blankie fire in me once again...and I am so excited!!! Cant wait for my yarny bundle to there anything better to wait for , for a yarn mad, crochet crazy   person? Nah!!

This is for all those lovely people who choose to share their accomplishments with the others....three cheers!! Keep you posted...


Friday, 25 November 2011

I am around, just lying low..........

Hello lovely people,

Hope alls well in your lil patch under the sun? I agree that might not be an accurate weather description for my friends in the UK ....we are under grey skies at the moment!

As the title of the post suggests, I am around,  just lying low....the last few weeks have been pretty  full on.....with my husband doing a 2200 mile bike ride for charity in India and the associated worries!! He is back now and alls welll in my nook!!

I have been crocheting and have a few FO to show you all...just lost my blogging mojo for a bit. IT is starting to creep back slowly now and I have started taking photos of the work I have watch this space!!

I have to say I have missed you all, just lost the inclination to type out my thoughts.....happens to everybody at some point,doesnt it?

Anyway, gotta rush as lil voices call out for my attention.....just to let you know I am back.....more tomorrow!!

Ciao for the  minute,


Monday, 26 September 2011

A bag for my mum.....with lotsa love

Dear friends,

Hello again!! Things have taken a back seat in life including blogging as the family and myself have been preoccupied with my hub leaving for India to do a 2600 km bikeride to raise funds for a charity we started three years ago. It is a huge undertaking and I worry so about his safety and health!! I know deep down that he will be well as he is doing this for a good cause!! Nevertheless, human frailty does overcome me every so it natural?

You might remember this post about The petal square tutorial sometime back? I finally made a bag for my mum and managed to do this amidst all the bike trip preparations so it would reach her by hubby post!! Haven't yet told her  ...God knows how long I can keep the  suspense though!! Here are some pics of the bag and my lil girl posing as she knows best!!

Life seems a bit drab without my soulmate..and makes me wish I told him more often how much he means to me...I have always found it easier to express myself through the written word ,I am starting to endorse his view about a hug being the most effective way of expressing affection.Will have to wait for another 5 weeks for that ,meanwhile my blog might be the best way to talk about my feelings!!

 Crochet and for that matter any creative activity is  the key to a lot of satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.  Heres to plenty of projects !

Back real soon,

Warm Hugs,

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Watch it!!

Hello lovely  folks,

I am back after a lovely, lovely break in India...luckily there is still  enough sunshine  left in the UK to remind me of home!!
It was quite a  jampacked trip as it always is, trying to catch up with family and relatives and making sure no one is  left out plus getting all jobs done while I am there.....but its a nice kind of buzz !! It was the first time I attended a Ravelry meet which was fantastic ,I met so many kindred souls and made so many friends as well! It was amazing  .

I wanted to share some pictures of something I made earlier,would be good to hear what you think!!

Watch straps made from silver effect beads and black beads finished off with a toggle clasp.

A  close up

I made one for a dear ,dear friend for her birthday and it was really well liked and that has spurred me on to make more for family and friends...I like the ethnic  Indian feel the oxidized beads have and the fact that they can be worn with Western or Indian wear.

I will do another post really soon about the goodies I found back home! Keep smiling and enjoy the sunshine!!


Monday, 15 August 2011

Soul sisters

Hello my friends,

Hope all is well in your sanctuary?  I apologise for the long break from blogging....I am in India on a long break.

I am following the happenings in the UK with horror and my heart goes out to all those hit by this mindless violence. Hope better sense prevails soon.

I am soaking up the sunshine and all the love I had been missing out on for the past coupla years...its strange how I feel like a schoolgirl when I am with my parentsand siblings...time seems to stop...till the minute I hear one of my lil ones calling out to me and needing my presence!!

I had been looking forward to spending quality time with my younger sisters. One of them came down from Chennai to be with me but the other one is away at Singapore and we couldnt meet up on this trip, which is  very upsetting  but it cant be helped. Atleast the phone and the net are saviours in the sense that they do help bridge the distance. Talking about distances, the physical distance has never been a problem with us three sisters,we are very very very close , joined at the soul, should I say?  That is such a comforting thought.

As an extension of this thought, I want to share a dream...I have a dream of starting a shop with all things crafty and handmade...things which would make the recipient smile and feel all warm and homey inside... the three of us have arty leanings and I want that trait to blossom and help us grow from within. I dont know how and when this sapling will bloom but try I must else I will always have regrets!!

I want to share today what my lil sisters have been creating and  hope that this will spur us on to try to reach greater you can see all of us can contribute and make this venture a success. I am positive it will be good for the soul.

Devi, the Supreme  Mother according to Hindu culture  in charcoal by my lil sis Sharada

A beautiful glass lantern rendered even more so by a lovely Ganesha ,the. elephant god by my lil sis Rachana.

Thoran or bunting inspired by the lotus mandala of Alice for my Amma's beautiful pooja or prayer room

I hope  for encouragement from you lovely people. See you soon.