Saturday, 4 February 2012

Encounters of the yarny kind!!

Hello my friends,

Trust alls well with you and yours?
I started this blog due to my sons encouragement....and this potent stimulus is working again...I have just changed  the picture on my blog heading,and I feel good!!! The cushion covers featured are made out of African flower hexagons as all of you would know. I made them a while ago after reading Alice's (Crochet with Raymond) blog post about them .I had some perfect yarn in yummy colours, it  was the perfect marriage!!

The case is for my precious Kindle. I used Tunisian crochet to make this . I lined it with felt and I love it especially cos its used so much.


I love Tunisian crochet , its easy and quick and produces a nice thick weave like fabric. I used three colours and I love  the result. I found a really good tutorial on 3 colour Tunisian on Would anyone like a tutorial  case?

As  I type, I can see the snowflakes twirling down and my excited cubs are fully attired for a snowball is after all the first snow fall this year where we live!!

Will pop back in a bit.....some video-ing  required of said snowball fight!!

Ciao for just a little while..