Saturday, 27 August 2011

Watch it!!

Hello lovely  folks,

I am back after a lovely, lovely break in India...luckily there is still  enough sunshine  left in the UK to remind me of home!!
It was quite a  jampacked trip as it always is, trying to catch up with family and relatives and making sure no one is  left out plus getting all jobs done while I am there.....but its a nice kind of buzz !! It was the first time I attended a Ravelry meet which was fantastic ,I met so many kindred souls and made so many friends as well! It was amazing  .

I wanted to share some pictures of something I made earlier,would be good to hear what you think!!

Watch straps made from silver effect beads and black beads finished off with a toggle clasp.

A  close up

I made one for a dear ,dear friend for her birthday and it was really well liked and that has spurred me on to make more for family and friends...I like the ethnic  Indian feel the oxidized beads have and the fact that they can be worn with Western or Indian wear.

I will do another post really soon about the goodies I found back home! Keep smiling and enjoy the sunshine!!


Monday, 15 August 2011

Soul sisters

Hello my friends,

Hope all is well in your sanctuary?  I apologise for the long break from blogging....I am in India on a long break.

I am following the happenings in the UK with horror and my heart goes out to all those hit by this mindless violence. Hope better sense prevails soon.

I am soaking up the sunshine and all the love I had been missing out on for the past coupla years...its strange how I feel like a schoolgirl when I am with my parentsand siblings...time seems to stop...till the minute I hear one of my lil ones calling out to me and needing my presence!!

I had been looking forward to spending quality time with my younger sisters. One of them came down from Chennai to be with me but the other one is away at Singapore and we couldnt meet up on this trip, which is  very upsetting  but it cant be helped. Atleast the phone and the net are saviours in the sense that they do help bridge the distance. Talking about distances, the physical distance has never been a problem with us three sisters,we are very very very close , joined at the soul, should I say?  That is such a comforting thought.

As an extension of this thought, I want to share a dream...I have a dream of starting a shop with all things crafty and handmade...things which would make the recipient smile and feel all warm and homey inside... the three of us have arty leanings and I want that trait to blossom and help us grow from within. I dont know how and when this sapling will bloom but try I must else I will always have regrets!!

I want to share today what my lil sisters have been creating and  hope that this will spur us on to try to reach greater you can see all of us can contribute and make this venture a success. I am positive it will be good for the soul.

Devi, the Supreme  Mother according to Hindu culture  in charcoal by my lil sis Sharada

A beautiful glass lantern rendered even more so by a lovely Ganesha ,the. elephant god by my lil sis Rachana.

Thoran or bunting inspired by the lotus mandala of Alice for my Amma's beautiful pooja or prayer room

I hope  for encouragement from you lovely people. See you soon.