Monday, 25 April 2011

I have the blues.........

Hello all,

I have to say the blogging bug does bite hard!! I have been wanting to do this post since morning and spent quite a lot of time thinking about how best to say what I want to say!! 

Upcycling is the new recycling , I think after reading a fair bit about it on various websites  and blogs. Pictures of upcycled sweaters and jeans and what have you can be very inspiring even to a sewing newbie like me......and when I say newbie, I mean it!! Gimme a hook or a pair of needles any day!! 
But hang on, photos of beautiful booty bags  made from  jeans made me hunt for long forgotten,unwearable [as in too tight to get into jeans]  and find them i did....and look at what i made out of them. As I said , sewing is uncharted territory for me so I did start out with trepidation.

The booty bag tada... i cut off th e legs of the jeans and I now had a skirt like shape. I then sewed up the bottom and the bag was born!! I am pleased as punch with this bag because of its many pockets...its roomy to boot!! I was even more pleased by the fact that the lining is an upcycled skirt.....yippee!!!

My son wanted a new cover for his phone and thus the denim phone case was born out of the remainder of  the.jeans. i love it cos it looks groovy and son-worthy!!

Wait on.....i still have some denim left.!
My wonderful cubs got me an I pad for mothers day....fantastic!!  What do i do for the case? You got it!! Use up the spare denim!! I used part of the leg ,sewed up the bottom and that was it.  I used felt to line the case to protect the I pad a bit more. after that I needed to give the case some character ,its an Ipad case after all! so i cut out the Apple logo and fixed it on the case! Voila! one custom made I pad case!

Upcycling is immensely make something really useful out of supposedly useless stuff! I guess it could be applied to life too...make the most of what you have and savour every minute....

Ciao for now!!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

My first foray into Blogland...

Here I am in Blogland, something I have been wanting to do for a very very long time, just haven't had the courage to do it at times, and at others just reticence!! The inspiration and the final push to do this has been my little boy who already has his own blog by the way at age 10!! I am pleased that I finally bit the I will be able to share my thoughts on life, family and yarny preoccupations!! I will be back soon to show you some new and interesting WIP's!