Monday, 25 April 2011

I have the blues.........

Hello all,

I have to say the blogging bug does bite hard!! I have been wanting to do this post since morning and spent quite a lot of time thinking about how best to say what I want to say!! 

Upcycling is the new recycling , I think after reading a fair bit about it on various websites  and blogs. Pictures of upcycled sweaters and jeans and what have you can be very inspiring even to a sewing newbie like me......and when I say newbie, I mean it!! Gimme a hook or a pair of needles any day!! 
But hang on, photos of beautiful booty bags  made from  jeans made me hunt for long forgotten,unwearable [as in too tight to get into jeans]  and find them i did....and look at what i made out of them. As I said , sewing is uncharted territory for me so I did start out with trepidation.

The booty bag tada... i cut off th e legs of the jeans and I now had a skirt like shape. I then sewed up the bottom and the bag was born!! I am pleased as punch with this bag because of its many pockets...its roomy to boot!! I was even more pleased by the fact that the lining is an upcycled skirt.....yippee!!!

My son wanted a new cover for his phone and thus the denim phone case was born out of the remainder of  the.jeans. i love it cos it looks groovy and son-worthy!!

Wait on.....i still have some denim left.!
My wonderful cubs got me an I pad for mothers day....fantastic!!  What do i do for the case? You got it!! Use up the spare denim!! I used part of the leg ,sewed up the bottom and that was it.  I used felt to line the case to protect the I pad a bit more. after that I needed to give the case some character ,its an Ipad case after all! so i cut out the Apple logo and fixed it on the case! Voila! one custom made I pad case!

Upcycling is immensely make something really useful out of supposedly useless stuff! I guess it could be applied to life too...make the most of what you have and savour every minute....

Ciao for now!!

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  1. i love this idea!
    the bag you have made is Great!!!
    and you say you are a newbie??? your work looks very profficient to me.

    Welcome to Blogland :o)