Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Hook, line "n" sinker!!!

Hello all,
Hope the sun is shining wherever you are, literally and figuratively!! Today I am doing a post on a "consuming passion" ......crochet!! I started out as a knitter several years ago and thought that crochet was a totally unattainable talent......until about a year  ago when I serendipitously found out that  my local LYS actually had a crochet 'n' natter going on!! I had previously purchased several books on crochet and tried to understand the language of the "hook"......but failed miserably ....until i popped down to the c and n and actually saw a demonstration!! It all suddenly fell into place and I was "totally hooked". A whole new world of possibilities opened  up. I could actually make circles and 3d objects with just a hook and some yarn

I have made quite a few projects----shrugs, cardigans , amigurumi on special demand by my cubs, and of course some bags.....but always wary of starting a throw or afghan call it what you like.... Maybe because of the time commitment or fear of ennui with a single project...but
then it happened like a thunderbolt, when I saw this lovely throw ,I just had to make it! I saw this beauty in the latest book by Nicki Trench----Cute and Easy crochet. I know, it's a
big project for a beginner....but then I will never know my capability unless I push my
limits! Hang on though, this project needs 432 squares, basically two rounds of a potential
granny....seven colours ....yummy crochet goodness!!

The best thing for a blog newbie is to find a kindred soul doing the same project.....and I got so lucky when I found that Vanessa of the well known blog " Coco Rose textiles" is doing the same throw! I was over the moon when Vanessa agreed to let me link to her blog as well.....thank you so much, Vanessa!!cocorosetextiles.blogspot.com

Well I went to my local lys and got all the yarn or at least half of what's required, albeit not in the one specified in the book , if I used the yarn specified , I would never heave the heart to use it, I'm afraid!!went for good ole style craft special dk..... No complaints whatsoever about the range or combinations.....I have made 103 lil beauties!!
The squares sit on my table and continue to inspire me...will keep you posted on my progress!!

Meanwhile I continue to do smaller projects like scarves and lil bags for my princess, amis for my lil boy...god why do I get tempted so easily by new colourful projects? At anytime I have more than 3-4 wips , I hope I am not the only one?


  1. A mí me relaja hacer mantas.

  2. Wow! Yours look great! I need to lay mine out and get into the swing of it all again! I think having them on display to look at just makes you want to carry on! A daunting number, but it's surprising how many you can whip up when you get into a rhythm! It's such a lovely blanket, I think it's definitely one that will be loved for years!!!!!!

    Have a super rest of a day!!!!!!!

    Vanessa xxx

  3. Beautiful little squares. The blanket is going to look fab! x