Thursday, 23 June 2011

All squared up! My first blankie tadaah! ....a labour of love

 Hello friends,

Trust all is well in your lil patch under the sun? Today is a very happy day for me , I have f inished my first crochet blanket .... which I talked about earlier here? I have done so many small projects for family and friends but never thought I could do a blanket. I am always awestruck by fellow crocheters churning out blanket after blanket with untiring zeal....let me hope this is the first of many for me!

When I first saw this blanket , I was smitten!! I just wanted to make it 432 small squares not withstanding!! It feel like a great accomplishment especially as its my first!! I did not use the specified yarn as I would not have the heart to use it,  and whats a blanket for if the kids cant play with it and wrap themselves up in it? So I ended up using Stylecraft dk in various shades and am very happy with th result especially as it can be washed in the machine with no repercussions whatsoever. Whats not to love?

My lil boy has been so helpful with all the counting , combinations and egging me on, thanks sweetheart!! I am so glad I made this blankie for another bi........g reason. I have gained a lovely, lovely friend in Vanessa of cocorose textiles blog fame., make a blankie and a friend for life,good bargain,huh? Thank you , V!!

I am going away to India after nearly two years...I will have access to the net for most of my trip so will be able to blog about my adventures back home. I hope to be able to finish some small projects while away for family.. I am the only crocheter in the family,you will have to live upto expectations!! :):) Any suggestions welcome!

Since I started blogging, I feel like I have widened my horizons and made so many friends who I feel I have known for ever,quite an amazing feeling..I am sure you lovely people would agree with!! A toast to all friendships made and those that are still to be   made!

I have a teeny request...please please do leave a word or two on this post about my first blankie,it would really mean the world to me and spur me onto make more  and follow in the footsteps of all you seasoned and fabulous crocheters!!

Toodle pip for now, will be back soon.

Warm hugs


  1. It is just beautiful, such a work of patience. I would like to crochet one myself, maybe one day...

  2. I love it Ramya!

    I especially love the first pic of the cubs with it! Well done too to your son for being your little counter and egger onner!!!!!!

    It's such a lovely feeling to complete a big project, especially when it's your first!

    I think your family might be asking for a lot of requests when you see them!!

    Cannot wait to see your posts whilst you are out there. I bet they will be bright and colourful!

    Well done again's beautiful!!!!!!!!

    Take care

    Vanessa x

  3. Wow!! Speaking as one who has just mastered crochet--that is *fabulous*!! J'adore! And how sweet that your son encouraged you. Well done of the gorgeous finish!

  4. It has turned out to be a very very pretty blankie!!And I can see that it is well loved in your house!!

  5. So beautiful! I love it! I don't crochet (I'm a knitter) but I'm collecting granny squares in all sorts of colors & sizes to make a blanket. I just love how fun & cozy & full of love they are. Great job! Have a safe trip!

  6. Wow what an achievment, you must be so pleased! It looks amazing!

  7. Hello Ramya! I really love your blanket, it is so wonderful. I have done only small crochet projects so far and I´m little worried, that I will begin, but never finish a blanket. But you have motivated me to start one too.
    All the best for you! Barbina

  8. :O)) i loved it! and i can so totally understand your feeling cause i felt the same way when i made my first 'confetti' patchwork bedcover. Thanks for sharing this. Your blanket is beautiful and i have never done crochet in my life, but maybe one day i will try :O)

  9. Hi Ramya - congrats on crocheting your first blanket - it's very pretty. I've no doubt that you will be crocheting many more. They're fun to crochet and your family and friends will need to be kept warm and cozy. :)

  10. Fantabulous!! Rachi

  11. Cool. Love this. Can't say it is first one. Such a neat finish

  12. How lovely it is! I really admire the soft colors you used and how the joining turned out so nicely!

  13. Hey Ramya - Great work and some very nice pictures too. The colour combination is beautiful and easy on the eyes. Keep em coming :-) Sesh

  14. Ramya, the blanket is just beautiful. I have seen this in cocorosetextile's blog and just loved the tiny little squares. You have done it fantastically and the joining is perfect.

  15. Hi Ramya!!!
    The Blanket looks great.. Your efforts are well rewarded I guess..