Monday, 26 September 2011

A bag for my mum.....with lotsa love

Dear friends,

Hello again!! Things have taken a back seat in life including blogging as the family and myself have been preoccupied with my hub leaving for India to do a 2600 km bikeride to raise funds for a charity we started three years ago. It is a huge undertaking and I worry so about his safety and health!! I know deep down that he will be well as he is doing this for a good cause!! Nevertheless, human frailty does overcome me every so it natural?

You might remember this post about The petal square tutorial sometime back? I finally made a bag for my mum and managed to do this amidst all the bike trip preparations so it would reach her by hubby post!! Haven't yet told her  ...God knows how long I can keep the  suspense though!! Here are some pics of the bag and my lil girl posing as she knows best!!

Life seems a bit drab without my soulmate..and makes me wish I told him more often how much he means to me...I have always found it easier to express myself through the written word ,I am starting to endorse his view about a hug being the most effective way of expressing affection.Will have to wait for another 5 weeks for that ,meanwhile my blog might be the best way to talk about my feelings!!

 Crochet and for that matter any creative activity is  the key to a lot of satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.  Heres to plenty of projects !

Back real soon,

Warm Hugs,


  1. Great work on the bag - it's very pretty. Your Mom will love it. :)

  2. I love the bag Ramya!!As you said your hub is doing it for such a good cause!!So everything will be fine. Sending lots of good wishes your way!!

  3. The bag is wonderful, Ramya. I am sure your mom would have loved it. Glad that your hubby is safely back after his bike trip.