Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Hello Kitty StrappyGranny Boutique bag!!

Hello all!!

How is it where you are? Its grey here  but never mind, I have discovered the perfect antidote...colourful crochet!! 

My lil girl has been asking for a Hello Kitty bag for a  long, long time. I had got a knitting kit a while ago for this purpose but just didnt like the design and the kit  languished in a corner until I saw the lovely strappy Granny boutique bag made by Sara of tangledhappy.blogspot.com fame and decided that this was the pattern I wanted to do for my lil princess.

I just followed the pattern ,though the yarn wasn't chunky, then sewed on the HK patch and voila, lotsa smiles and happiness all around!! Very satisfying indeed!  Thank you Sara!!

Here are the pics..

I am off to pore over my new Felt friends book now,while the squares look at me beseechingly to finish them......

Ciao for now,

Below is the link to tangled happy for the pattern for the lovely bag.



  1. Hi Ramya. I love it! Hello Kitty is a favorite at our house as well. Thanks so much for sharing the link with me. Seeing finished projects is one of my favorite things in the blogosphere. :)

  2. Hola. El bolsito es precioso.
    Un saludo.

  3. Too cute! Pooni must have looooved it! Adorable...Rach