Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Homeward bound......I wish I was..

Hello friends,

Hope you are all well? I wanted to share my  excitement with all you lovely people..I am going home,to India after such a long time...two years!! The excitement is palpable. I don't have family here, so its always a major thing when I go home, kids in tow!! I have to say,the internet is such a boon, I can chat with my folks ,see them....its probably the next  best thing! i always feel I miss out on so many events back home.

Luckily this time, I will actually be there when my cousin sis( who is very close to me) will be having her first baby!! I cant believe my baby sis has grown so much!! As the only crocheter in the  family , I have to make the baby something ...a cardi, itty bitty booties? a cap? Mmmm,the mind boggles at the possibilities especially because my massive stash already has suitable yarn!

I think i might make my mum a bag,the beginnings of which have been in my WIP box for a while...I actually made these squares a  while ago and forgot about them as I chased other projects with my new found crochet skills! Here are the squares, I think I might christen it The petal square!! I am sure there are many other square patterns out there which might look similar but to me its one of my first attempts at crochet and very special.
 I will  do a tutorial and post it tomorrow.

  I have two younger sisters... should I do them scarves or maybe dinky party type bags?  Glasses cases for my dad? The possiblities are endless...I would love to hear your suggestions. 

I quite like the colour combination as it feels really summery and cheerful, can only do bright colours somehow! It isnt a perfect square,  I am hoping blocking will help?  My mum will love it anyway with all its imperfections, I am sure... it goes with the territory of being a mum,doesnt it?

Anyway, I will love you and leave you now  , daily chores beckon!! Will be back with my tutorial tomorrow!!




  1. It looks like you have your work cut out with all your makes for your family!!!!! I'm sure you will have the most wonderful time when you go back to visit everyone! It's always nice to catch up with family in person.

    I like your granny squares....how is the blanket coming along?

    I am almost done but have had a lot of headaches from it because of all the close concentration! I am loving how it is looking so far though!

    Have a great rest of a week!


  2. Oh that's exciting - have a great time. :)