Saturday, 14 May 2011

My first tutorial...Chakra Scarf!!

The Chakra Scarf tutorial

Hello friends!!

Hope alls well in your lil corner on the globe!! As I mentioned in my last post, I am soldiering on with my little square throw but have succumbed to temptation in the form of scarves and lil bags.....sound familiar?

In this post, I am about to do my very first tutorial!! It is a pattern for a scarf ,called the Chakra scarf as the centre is like a wheel -called Chakra in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language as many of you would know! Being a Reiki student ,Chakras are important to me in that sense. So here goes.  Please forgive my mistakes ,I will strive to improve!!

Chakra scarf

Yarn:    I have used Rowan Tapestry which is a DK yarn
Hook:   4 mm

Start with a magic ring, reading so many Japanese  books has convinced me that this is the best way to start if you dont wnat the centre of your project too "holey"!!! I hope the picture shows clearly how to make the magic ring...

wrap the yarn clockwise around  left  forefinger to form a ring.

Holding yarn tail between Right thumb and middle finger, insert hook into ring, grab the working end of the yarn and pull through.

Start with magic ring,then chain 5 stitches.Make a treble (Double crochet US terms).  Then chain 2 and make another treble, continuing in this way making alternate chain 1 and chain 2 spaces between the  trebles. Finish with a slip stitch into chain 5.

Chain 5 and make a treble. continue making the chakra  thus--chain 2, make a treble. Then chain 1 make another treble. Do this till there are 8 trebles in total alternating chain2 and chain 1 spaces between the trebles. Finish the chakra by slip stitching to chain5.

The first Chakra

chain 3 ,make two trebles in the same space.


 Continue by making 3 trebles in each space
Finally slip stitch into the chain 3

Chain3, make a treble(double crochet in US terms) in the same space.  Next  chain 5 and make a picot as shown in the next picture.

Chain 5 and slip stitch into first stitch to make a 5 stitch picot.

Make two more trebles after the picot. Chain2 ,  then make a double crochet(single crochet US terms) in the next space. Then chain3 and slip stitch into first chain to make a chain 3 picot. Chain2.

 Continue in this manner alternating  2  trebles-chain 5 picot-2 trebles with double crochet -chain3 picot-double crochet and a chain 2 in between these.

Attaching the two motifs by joining on the go using the picots as joining points.

Chain 3.

Make a treble and then a chain 5 picot in the corner by  first chaining 3 and then looping through the corner and chaining two to complete the picot. The two corners are now joined.

Chain 2 ,double crochet in next space with a 3 chain picot looping through adjoining 3 chain picot of finished square. make another double crochet. Chain 2.

Continue in this manner with a chain 2 in between the spaces.

One side finished! Continue as for the first square motif finishing off the other sides as before.

Two squares attached at the picots!!

This scarf could potentially  be made in a thicker yarn with appropriate hook. It is definitely easier making the chakras first and then joining them up as you go. 

I am quite excited about my first ever tutorial and I hope it will be of use to fellow crocheters.Blogging is fantastic as a medium to express myself and to reach out to people on the web. I thought the internet had helped to shrink the world and figuratively  bring people closer. It is quite amazing to me still how people in opposite corners of the world can communicate so beautifully using the universal language of the web and feel  a bond instantly !!

Heres hoping my blogging efforts will find me many kindred souls to bond with!!

Au Revoir

PS:   I have finally managed to post this,yippee!!  I wanted to add a diagram of the pattern as some  might find the tutorial too wordy. but do not  want to take chances with Blogger!! I will put up the diagram as soon as possible!!


  1. Hey Rums,
    This looks so beautiful...Hats have got me hooked to crochet as well what with ur ideas and now this tutorial!! Me eager to learn from u...:)

  2. Nice pattern and tutorial. I hope to make the scarf soon. Thank you.