Monday, 23 May 2011

Sunshine, sunshine, where art thou?


Hello Friends,
Hope all is well with  you and yours? 

 I have  been meaning to post for a bit now but just been doing this and that trying to compose something nice for my blog....but it was only today that it struck me that that this blog of mine is meant to be a mirror of my soul and what is dearest to me which means there will be great days with wonderful things and the not so sunny days too just like with other things in life. All I need to do is honestly put my feelings down as they are on that day and know that there are kindred souls who can relate to those emotions and offer kindly words to spur a friend on!! 

So here goes --a random post about things done and meant to be done. first an update on my lil squares blanket which is coming along well thanks to my lovely friend Vanessa who is so generous and helpful. Hope you are feeling better,V!! 

 I found that too much counting bogs me down, so I have decided to keep at it and look at all the other bloggy friends and their finished projects for inspiration. I do however have a little notebook where I have jotted down  all the combinations required . My son who is a math whiz scores off the combis I have finished with a tally mark ...this is very helpful to me!! I always prefer to leave  the math to souls better able to deal with it than me!!

When I first started to learn how to crochet, some of the ladies at my LYS were working on a Mile-a minute afghan.  At first I was captivated by the name ...doing a mile of crochet a! that afghan would be done in no time!!  Hence I embarked upon one hoping to use up a very sedate grey yarn (which I thought was duck egg blue and very  "in" last year),  the only problem being I had bought four 100 gm balls of that grey intending to knit a gilet for myself!!! As I found it too dull for  a garment, I decided to use it for the m a minute throw. I bought some peach-ish coloured yarn to go with it and started.  

As many of you would already know, the M a Minute concept requires you to make several strips using the pattern and then joining them together to make an afghan. Well, needless to say,I started with the  great gusto of a beginner and finished 3 strips, pics  which are on this post, then stopped as I felt the result was not great to  look at and doubtful  about the colour combination as well!I am doing this post in the hope that some of you out there will motivate me or guide me as to whether it is worth finishing or " frogging"!! 

Back to the title of this post,wheres all the sunshine gone? Grey is a lovely colour,dont get me wrong.....but not  soooo much of it please , in Spring!!  Here is hoping  the sun decides to shine wherever we are, it really makes such a difference to moods and life in general ,doesnt it?  
Wonder why I never appreciated it when I was living in India?  Strange, isn't it and food for thought.....

Will sign off and hope to see some suggestions from all you friendly souls out there!! I could do a tute if anyone is interested!!



  1. I like the pattern and the color combo. If it works with your decor, I say keep going. I've worked on a few projects that I didn't want to finish because I thought the colors didn't look quite right. I'm glad I finished them because they ended up looking alright. One of the projects is a hexagon blanket that I edged and bordered in pink (it's the header for "The Crochet Way") - I didn't like it as I was working on it but I really liked it when it was done. :)

  2. You know, Debi is right, you may feel differently once the Afghan is finished. I started a ripple blanket for baby bear and i really dont like the colour combination, but he chose the colours and I have to stick with it, it just doesn't put any joy on my face to work with it! Might have to make it a bit smaller than planned. Can you do that with your Afghan if you are not feeling the love? Turn it into something else like a cushion? xxx

  3. In my opinion you should really go on with the afghan - I love the pattern!! (If you personally don't like the result or the color combination you could still give it to a friend and make his or her day)
    But I know the problem - I've got an almost finished clown doll lying around and all I have to do is make the hat and sew the pieces together, but I think it will look ugly anyway and so I just don't feel like finishing it. And this is only a small project!

    I send you a whole lotta sunshine from Germany,