Saturday, 14 May 2011

Stop a while and smell the roses........................

Hello all,

I know it has been a very short while since I started blogging but it is already becoming a big part of my life......just being able to jot down thoughts of the crafty variety and otherwise is very calming.

As I was sitting and enjoying my cuppa, I thought about how we get so caught up in the humdrum routines of life that we let so much beauty slip through our fingers and fail to savour all that life has to offer. This might be because we stop listening to the child within us....which might be begging us to stop and take a breath and just be ourselves...............

It is definitely alright to act silly, laugh  out aloud, hum a snatch of a song long forgotten....just because...

Sometimes just watching our children play and laugh with abandon is just the key to  total unadulterated happiness, don't you think?

The gist of my post today is that we should enjoy whatever we have and to the a lot.....and stop to smell the roses!!

I leave you with these lovely pictures of my cubs who need only some jumping on a trampette to make their faces light up- how I wish I was a child again.....



  1. You have beautiful children - I love your daughter's hair. :)

  2. You are right! It's just nice to stop and think about all the good things you have and enjoy them! We get so caught up in the day to day that we often forget just how wonderful life can be! Your cubs look like they are having such fun! I still love a good bounce on a bouncy castle!!!!!